The E-business License System Launched in China


As you may know that all Mainland China companies should be registered and have a China business license, so there is a good chance you will have seen or received a copy of this certificate or the news E-business license. In China, a business license provides basic information about the registered company. This information is particularly useful to determine whether a company is legitimate or not. The image above states the most important data that can be found on the business license. It includes an 18-digit Chinese business registration number, official company name, type of entity, legal representative and other information. The electronic business license system has been officially launched on June 10th, 2019. Upon the issuance of the new version of the business license, an updated electronic business license is required to be simultaneously generated and deposited into the electronic business license system by all market regulation departments. Since businesses are legally required to visibly display business licenses and use of the QR code function is strengthened in the new business license, company information is more widely accessible for public use. For foreign companies doing business, easily acquired company information on the Chinese counterpart can assist in due diligence and may allow foreign companies to avoid involvement with fraudulent companies in China.

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