Understanding business health check ups and why probably you need one

A Business Health Check can be referred to as a current comprehensive evaluation of the crucial elements of your business. It provides you with several inquiries to enable you to focus on the business in such a way that encourages you see it from the perspective of an external expert. This starts with an assessment by you, in your capacity as the owner/supervisor independent of the business. It includes a comprehensive diagnostic and the result will define the strength of the business while pointing out ways of improving it.

What are the benefits of an annual business health check ?

An annual business health enables you to identify grey areas by a professional who has an expert vision and understanding of analyzing gaps that may hinder you from growth. More than that it enables you to;

  • Assess and adjust your financial goals
  • Evaluate the changes in your market situation
  • Review all economic factors
  • Sense check your retirement/exit plan
  • Prepare for the unexpected

Which company can give me a fast and accurate business health check up online ?

Introducing Probenefit which is fast and accurate online check-up’s for companies and managers. Probenefit is a company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina specializing in organizational and behavioral management tools. They are able to develop comprehensive, fast and accurate assessments that address the issues of:

(a) Organization Profiler, to diagnose a company’s health;

(b) Management Profiler, to diagnose a managers’ personality style. Both assessments are online.

Typically, managers tend to withhold negative and unpleasant information from CEOs. Not many managers are willing to speak their minds although they usually are the first to see symptoms of “emerging diseases” within the company. By the time those symptoms show up in the company’s reporting system, it is too late. The cost of fixing the consequences is way bigger than it would have been if the managers spoke-up when those symptoms occurred. To avoid high costs of fixing negative trends, CEOs must step out of their comfortable C-suite and ask their managers for their candid and unfiltered evaluation of the current state of the company. The evaluation should be done in a standardized way, with a clearly structured process.

Of the same importance for CEOs is to know what kind of personalities are behind certain evaluations and why different personality styles perceive the company in certain ways. Thus, CEOs must provide an instrument for discovering the managers’ styles.

The two services offered work hand-in-hand to build a clear understanding, of issues, and recommend bespoke solutions to overcome, the same.

To know more please contact:

Emir Medanhodzic (AG Member)




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