Shanavas Ameerkannu is  the Managing Director of ADAM Global Dubai with unmatched expertise in the field of corporate services.Being a corporate services advisor in Dubai, U.A.E with an extensive experience of over 20 years in corporate and intellectual property law , he offers specialist advice on business set up and offshore incorporation  as well as registration of trade mark, patent, design and copy rights. He is proud to have advised companies, business groups, conglomerates, investors and entrepreneurs from all seven continents.He is a member and winner of BNI awards and possesses excellent professional network stretching across the Globe. He is the main driving force and is instrumental behind the delivery of professional and  quality services of the company.

Here , we have published an exclusive interview to know more about what made Mr. Ameerkannu so successful as a leader.

What have been your greatest Business achievements in the current role?

“I celebrate every small milestone as a big achievement. But if I were to highlight the ones that literally have taken me as a leader to the next level I would say that;

  • I have been responsible for 80% of Annual Turnover of Company.
  • I had gotten our company awarded for the Top 50 SME Award in Dubai.
  • I received numerous other awards in quality and excellence of advisory and corporate services.
  • I am an advisor to Global Investment House which is a Kuwait Based Investment Group.
  • and I have also been an Advisor to ADOBE board for Middle East operations.

Awards & accolades won in the last three years:

– Only person to get “Givers Gain Award” by Business Network International (BNI) for 4 consecutive years (2014-2018), voted by BNI “Early Bird” chapter members among 40 other individuals.

– Best Advisor of the year (CEO Club Award)

– Conferred the title as a ‘Global Practice Head – Corporate Services’ by ADAM Global Network.

Describe yourself as a leader and share the uniqueness about your leadership style?

“I strongly encourage cultural reform with the “growth mindset.”

With a transformational leadership style I consistently lead through vision. My eye is set on the future and communicate and model my behavior to align with this vision.

My first most strategy is to inspire my team. That is so because I strongly believe that a “mission driven” employee is attracted to transformational leadership who have a goal that is much larger than simply building a new product or company.”

What has been your career high point and how did you achieve it?

“My greatest achievement occurred in my current position . I joined as a Business consultant 12 years back and was keen to progress internally from the outset. I proved my abilities by discovering profitable new markets and increasing brand awareness, and I was later promoted to legal director followed within a period of 4 years to be now a shareholder as a Managing Director in the company.

“I was delighted to earn a promotion as this is the kind of success I look for in every role. I now have new duties and plenty of variety in my role, which I’m pleased about. I am assertive that  I can add value to others around me and empower people to achieve and enjoy the same success.”

What has been your life inspiration and how has it helped you to succeed?

“I have always loved the word ecstasy right from my childhood when I first picked up English.

It is that particular word that got me driven into the depth of its meaning . For me since than it has always been to drive ecstasy in everything I do. Wether it has been my personal or professional life.”

Share your vision for the future growth of your company in both short and long terms.

“I have witnessed our company’s successful growth over the past 15 years. The collective knowledge, expertise, and experience that all of the ADAM Team brings to the firm further strengthens our Corporate Consulting function and reinforces our position at the forefront of professional service providers. These promotions continue to consolidate the leadership of our organization and are evidence of the great career opportunities that employment with ADAM Global may offer. We like to be known for inspiring , empowering businesses and leaders to lead. I am looking at progressing rapidly and to have our company known as the new big 5 Blue Ocean Game Changer around the world in the next 5 years.”

How important is corporate social responsibility for your company?

“For us it is all about giving back to society.  We have on and off supported certain Programs. Since 2017 , we have specifically given out a program to empower women in business  through our own Women Empowerment Initiative supporting the United Nation’s Women Empowerment Principle as an  official signatory. Our mission is to enable women in business to realise their full potential.”

What best practices are being used by the leader or the organization for good corporate governance?

“The objective of our corporate governance is to promote strong, viable competitive corporations accountable to stakeholders. We always strive to maintain a strong, qualified board of directors and evaluate performance.Important to us is to emphasize integrity and ethical dealing.

We achieve this by practising our core values of integrity, honesty, transparency and speed with accuracy.”

A message to other leaders?

“True leadership is a gift of inspiration!

You must believe that teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and drive direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

If you would like to build and maintain superior performance, recognition is one of the best ways  The reason for that is quite simple: reinforced behaviour gets repeated.”

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