Walk the Journey of “Transformation of Risk to Reward” with RiSiKo Consulting LLP, India

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has retained India’s growth projections at 7.5 percent for 2016-17 and 2017-18 each. India and the rest of emerging Asia are generally projected to continue growing at a robust pace, although with some countries facing strong headwinds from China’s economic rebalancing and global manufacturing weakness.


Over the past several years, the policy and procedures regulating and governing the inflow of foreign investments into India have been progressively liberalized and simplified. The initiatives taken by the Government in India in this regard have resulted in significant inflows of foreign investment in almost all areas of the economy, except a select few, that continue to remain reserved for strategic reasons. Due to this economic liberalization, starting, setting up and doing business in India is no more a hassle. Owing to ongoing computerizations/digitalization at Government level, the formation of a company in India has become an easy process. Owing to changing regulatory environment, there are various efficient and cost effective vehicles available for entry and exit strategy.


RiSiKo Consulting LLP is a business consulting and advisory firm, specializing in risk management, turnaround strategies and scaling-up family managed businesses. RiSiKo has recently helped several clients for Set-up & Entry Level Advisory cum Corporate Services, Strategy & business Plan formulation, Internal Control Check Growth & Performance Improvement.


In a world of competition and rapidly evolving environment, companies must find ways to enhance shareholder value, increase efficiency, improve internal controls, contain costs and manage risk. The rapid changes in the industry demands for a unique approach to risk management to successfully achieve “Corporate Governance as well as Corporate Performance.” Based on RiSiKo’s industry experienced professionals and a tailored risk assessment, RiSiKo’s Risk Advisory Services & Strategic Advisory often play a key role in risk management process of a company.


To make your process streamline and to provide support, RiSiKo has tailored made advisory services for large to mid-size clients across the business life cycle of business.



RiSiKo India office is based out of Financial District of India in Mumbai. RiSiKo has an own office in India, Dubai & USA and has company caters to clients across industries and business environments within India, Dubai, and the USA. RiSiKo believes that it is important that we understand the objectives of our clients and then help them create value for the company. We do this by helping clients understand the key drivers of the value chain and then providing Strategic & financial customized advisory services.

From Risk to Reward, RiSiKo lends its expertise to your business, providing an edge over the competition and enabling it to exceed its potential. We develop strategic interventions within the professional and managerial frameworks, to support key business activities.

RiSiKo believes in the partnership approach. Excellence in our area of expertise, extensive reach and a culture of unwavering business ethics is what defines us. At RiSiKo, we work very closely with our clients to deliver exceptional, effective and sustainable results.



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