Brazilian Airports’ Regulator has launched a Public Hearing regarding the total investment of BRL 3.52 billion in 13 Brazilian airports. Airports will be auctioned to private companies under a public bidding process.


Winning bidders shall enter into a 30 years’ concession agreement for the expansion, maintenance and operation of the relevant airports.

The Brazilian Airports’ Regulator, Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC, has launched the Public Hearing No. 11/2018 aimed at assessing the market and receiving comments to the request for proposals and the concession contract originally drafted by ANAC. Upon closing of the Public Hearing, ANAC is expected to publish the final version of these documents and launch the public bidding process on the final quarter of 2018.

Under the structure projected for the bidding process, 13 airports will be allocated into 3 separated groups in accordance with their geographical location. These 3 groups of airports will be auctioned to one or more winning bidder. Located in the Northeast, Center-West and Southeast regions of Brazil, the airports, together, account for 9.5% of the domestic market and for a capacity estimated in 20 million passengers per year, and are relevant tourism, agricultural and oil & gas hubs of Brazil.

The participation of airport operators in the bidding consortiums is mandatory and shall correspond to a minimum percentage of 15%. The state-owned airport operator ‘Infraero’ (Empresa Brasileira de Infraestrutura Aeroportuária, Brazilian Government Corporation) shall not join in the bidding consortiums. Moreover, winning bidders must demonstrate preceding experience to handle, in one single airport (a) at least 7 million passengers with respect to the Northeast group and (b) at least 3 million passengers with respect to the Southeast and Center-west groups.

The current passengers’ capacity and the investment required in the 3 groups of airports are the following:

Airport Group Passengers’ Capacity Required Investment
Southeast 3.2 million/year BRL 644.2 million
Center-west 3.3 million/year BRL 791.3 million
Northeast 13.2 million/year BRL 2.1 billion

Winning bidders are expected to pay an award for the concession, to be paid partially upon execution of the relevant concession agreement and the remainder in installments during the life of the concession. The amount to be paid upon execution of the concession agreement corresponds to 50% of the projected cash flow for the 30 years concession period, and a minimum award is required for each airport group: (a) BRL 360,43 million for the Northeast Group, (b) BRL66,8 million for the Center-West Group and (c) BRL 10,37 million for the Southeast Group. The remainder amount of the award, to be due only after the 5th year of the concession and paid in yearly installments, will be equivalent to a percentage of the airport group’s gross revenues and, from the 10th year of the concession onwards, a fixed percentage over the gross revenues will apply for each airport group: (a) 16,5% to the Northeast Group, (b) 2,1% to the Center-West Group, and (c) 12,4% to the Southeast Group.

Comments to the documents under the Public Hearing No.11/2018 will be received by ANAC until July 13, 2018.


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