Antigua will host the second Invest Antigua Conference on May 24-May 27, 2017 during this conference international stakeholders and key players in the market will meet in Antigua to consult on citizenship and residency requirements regionally and internationally and will cast the spotlight on the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program.  A special delegation from Beijing China will be exclusively invited and hosted by the LBLS team.  This is a very important accomplishment for the LBLS team since the majority of the Applicants for the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship come from China according to the report published by the Citizenship By Investment Unit for January to December 2016.



The Citizenship By Investment Programme in the next month will commence the issuance of the CIP Residency Card. Antigua and Barbuda will be the first Caribbean territory to introduce a residency card in the citizenship by investment program.  Importantly and for security reasons this Residency Card will be produced by the Citizenship by Investment Unit exclusively.  This new thrust by the Antigua program will see implications for tax residency for several individuals who via the Citizenship by Investment passport will now have the opportunity to have a tax residence in Antigua and Barbuda in addition to having citizenship.  The tax regime in Antigua in comparison to the other countries that these applicants originate from having may be considered as a low tax regime, since the personal income tax was abolished in June 2016 whilst taxes on corporate entities range from 8-25% of net income.


The Citizenship By Investment Programme will soon digitize the entire application for citizenship and Agents will be able to track updates on Applications via the online portal.  This initiative will bring a greater level of efficiency and accountability to the Citizenship Programme.



The Citizenship By Investment and other Corporate and Family Office services provided by LBLS is anticipated to grow by 30% by the Third quarter of 2017 and this is on account of the positive strategic alignment made with key international partners. In particular, the LBLS was appointed in December 2016 as an Associate Agent of the International Law Firm Chambers field Economidas Kranos which is an International Law Firm and Global Corporate Service provider operating from Limassol, Cyprus. Additionally, in January 2017 LBLS signed an Agency Agreement with a Prominent Residency and Citizenship firm which has offices in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Muscat.

LBLS has also ramped up human resources in the beginning of the year to create an enabling environment to better provide for client needs on an efficient and reliable basis with a one on one personal touch for each client to ensure the client experience at LBLS is exemplary.  LBLS continues to exceed client’s expectations and can better provide one-stop services to any Applicant who is intending to apply for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.  LBLS has recently entered into a retainer arrangement with a popular tour operator and villa management company to assist all Applicants who visit the twin island destination either prior to the application process to sight see and conduct intricate personalized business and also after the process is finalized to provide support for the new citizen.

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