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Grenada CITIZENSHIP by investment  **Best offer for Family **

Grenada is an island country consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. It is also known as the “Island of Spice” because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters.

Grenada is accessible from major international cities including Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Caracas, and the Caribbean. where  international flights stop at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

The Island has launched the ‘Citizenship program by investment’ with two investment possibilities: either through a contribution to the National Transformation Fund (N. T. F.) or by acquiring the government-approved real estate. Both programmes offer lifetime citizenship, which can also be passed on to descendants as well as access to extensive visa-free travel.

Option 1 – National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Acquisition of citizenship under the National Transformation Fund (NTF) investment option requires a contribution to the (NTF) in the minimum sum of US$ 200.000 per application plus administrative fees.

Option 2 – Real Estate

Real estate acquisition, the government requires applicants to make an investment in designated, officially approved developments with a value of at least US$ 350.000 plus the payment of relevant fees. The real estate shareholding can be divested four (4) years after the purchase.

The donation for governments starts with 200.000 U.S.D Net for a family consisting of 4 members ( wife, husband and 2 children ) plus  government and legal fee.

On the other hand the investment option for a family starts with 350.000 U.S.D Net plus government and legal fee.

By not charging exorbitant processing and due diligence fees for spouses and family members, Grenada is an attractive option for international businessmen looking for security and travel options for their families.

Benefits of a Grenadian Citizenship and Passport.

Once you receive the Grenada passport, you may live, work, study, and travel without restriction in the country. Additionally, since Grenada is a member in CARICOM – the Caribbean Community  – your second passport will be a CARICOM passport and will be valid for entry into, and travel through the CARICOM membership countries without the need of a visa. Below you can see the higlighted benefits on the citizenship;

  • Instant travel to over 130 countries.
  • Inclusion of family members.
  • Dual Citizenship, No requirement to relinquish current citizenship.
  • You are not required to reside in or travel to Grenada during or after the application process.
  • The Passport is valid for 5 years.
  • Ability to travel visa-free.
  • No income, wealth, or inheritance taxes.
  • E2 Visa opportunity
  • Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean with Visa free entry to China.

Visa free to137 contry and Visa upon arrival

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