With the emergence of Covid-19, the world has shrunken it’s space to limit its access to be physically present for professionals across the globe. While the travel & tourism industry has taken a steep downturn & businesses have seen a downfall, healthcare has been a top priority at the moment & nothing more than COVID free society matters now.

Whereas, on one hand, the countries with great fortune are well established with top-notch support that may include on-ground medical staff like experienced doctors, ample bed space, advanced medical equipment to provide round the clock assistance to COVID-19 affected patients and on the other hand, some developing countries face the greatest challenge of all times on the same grounds. This is where the groundbreaking technology like TELEMEDICINE has made its space.

When rural settings are under-resourced with a lack of staff that restricts access to care, telemedicine bridges the gap. ADAM Global’s member Dr.Suhail Chughtai, Orthopaedic Surgeon & Chairman of Medical City Online, UK has created a revolutionary telehealth portal that allows healthcare professionals to provide immediate & constant support through virtual consultations.

While being at the frontline for COVID response at Britain, the doctorpreneur, ADAM Global founding chairman Dr.Tahir Akhtar, shares his proud experience with BBC World News of saving lives by serving his country Pakistan with his expertise virtually through the telehealth portal. Read full article,Watch full interview & listen to the BBC Radio 4 here

click to read full article by BBC News


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