Convert Your Passion into Business and Be your Own Boss Apply For a Freelancer Permit

Freelance Licence/ Permit Package in RAKEZ

Get your offers Freelancer Licence/Permits starting from AED 8,990 exclusively offered to media and education professionals covering various activities.

Benefits To Start With Your Freelance Licence

  • Shared and furnished workstations
  • Secretarial and business centre services
  • Advanced IT/telecommunication infrastructure
  • Simplified and fast-track permit issuance
  • First-class services in a one-stop shop
  • Eligibility to apply for a UAE Residence Visa


  1. Freelancer is referred to as a professional who will conduct business activity as an independent contractor and in the form of a sole practitioner to undertake the permitted business from RAKEZ.
  2. A Freelancer shall conduct business in his/her own birth name instead of a company name.
  3. All Non-GCC national freelancers must be sponsored by RAKEZ
  4. Whilst under the sponsorship by another UAE company or authority RAKEZ will not permit the issuance of the Freelancer permit.
  5. A corporate bank account cannot be opened under this type of permit..
  6. No Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation or Partner list shall be issued under the Freelancer Permit.
  7. The liability for any debts and other obligations will remain the sole responsibility of the Freelancer
  8. No appointment of any staff or additional visa can be obtained under the permit.
  9. Only 1 activity per permit will be allowed.


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