“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle”-Marilyn Monroe

A jewelry has the power to make you feel unique”, the designers shall make this more unique by making a design Patent registration, which protects overall appearance of a jewel. The registration involves some basic criteria that the design must be new and sufficiently different from all the prior designs. The design patent gives the owner the right to prevent others from making, using, or selling a product that so resembles the patented product that an “ordinary observer” might purchase the infringing article, thinking it was the patented product. 

A case study:-

After 42 years of designing jewelry, Todd Murray finally came across his first piece he felt needed patent protection. In September, after nearly three years of waiting, he obtained that patent.

The document provides 20-year protection for his Tulip designs, sold at Murray’s Jewelers, 113 W. Charles St. He said it’s unusual for a piece of jewelry to receive such protection because designs usually are just copyrighted, but Murray’s design was actually a utility piece.

“There are three major things you look for when you (are) getting a patent,” Ritchison said. “It needs to be new or novel, useful and not obvious as to other things that are out there.”

The document’s abstract describes the design as “a jewelry ring configuration having interchangeable elements.”  The inventor noticed that with many rings that had jackets, or outer bands, the center ring would slip and rotate around the finger. So, he created a jacket that would lock that center ring in place. With a multi-sided shape in the center, the interchangeable center ring doesn’t shift. He describes it as working like a puzzle piece. And this was the catch for being non-obvious and unique for qualifying as patentable subject matter.

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