“Place your stake in the ground, Intellectual Property is the lifestyle.”
Anyaele Sam Chiyson

It’s a creation of human ingenuity which can be an articulation of sign, symbol, and brand or in artistic work. IP is the most protected law which can be applied to protect creation and to save the expression behind the idea for the aesthetic project. IP involves three wide pillars which protect the human rights:


Cyber Crime

Cyber: Cyber is which covers the [computer (H/W) +[S/W] computer network).

Crime what is against the law and the humanity and which is illegal.


If we merge these terms it becomes cyber vandalism that means crime is done by using the computer and its network via the internet. When a sort of malicious behavior that incriminates damage computers and data in discrete approach and potentially disrupting business.As in the custom, computer vandalism involves the creation of malicious programs designs to perform disastrous tasks such as abolish hard drives and extracting login credentials

In today’s era, each and every single work is completed via the internet. For example buying, selling, storing database, creation of technic, updating the remote system, designing, and the other activities or transaction. People being used to making provision of information and database or programs in the computers. Because the world is becoming digital and Digitalization spreading rapidly in the world. People are adapting the various technology but sometimes to take benefits of digitalization it exhales the demerits of its technics. On the other hand, people misuses the information technology by executing the computer virus, malware program, phishing, and stalking. Etc. such issues are affecting a lot in the industrial or in the other stream, likewise in business industries, in university examination, composing music and in all the further artistic work internet and computer play a wide role. So it contains all the data for generating the information of the particular stream project till the end of winding up of the project.




“As every coin have two aspects” correspondingly Information technology also having two perceptions.

Some people take advantage of IT to grow their talent and enhance their business in the most attractive way for more earnings. On the other hand, some stalker wants to steal others Ideas by accessing information technology in an unauthorized way like hacking, phishing, stalking etc. And because of this people can’t protect their own ideas and the creation. An example of copyrighted stuff more often stolen online are computer software, recorded music, movies, and an electronics.

Actually what people innovate or whatever approach they make to earn somehow they keep storing in their digital devices such as mobiles, iPad, laptops, tabs etc. in the form of the dataset, Programs, Designs and the other transaction which is being done in the application of particular project. Even the MNC’s get done their work by the software which holds the whole information of the company.

But the problem is if the cybercriminal attempts to steal the stuff and the information which stores in the devices. So, people should have some legal solution to get rid of this major issue. Information technology has a wide platform. Every day if any programmer makes a secure technic to save the digital devices. So on the other hand, groups of hacker make the 20 different technicals to steal the data and to break the security of devices.


“Every lock has its Key. So every problem have its solution too”

If we combine:

Information technology (IT) + (IP) Intellectual property = Legal solution

Whether the IP and IT have a different stream and different ways of working, but if we add this to get a solution for the security of intellectual stuff.

If IT has the power to generate everything in an expressive way, So IP also have some standard laws to protect the generation of the human mind. If we use the Intellectual property law that patent trademark copyright. We can save our ideas.

And if someone tries to copy our artistic work design symbols and the innovations which are our source to earn. We can Prove Infringement against that person who has stolen the data using cyber-crime.

“Neither the Internet nor cyberspace will ever be a safe haven for individuals who attempts this type of cyber crime. The secret service, along with our law enforcement partners, will hunt you down, keystroke by keystroke.”  Brian Marr


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About the Author:

Ms. Jaya Tahalramani is a Master of Computer Science [MCS], from Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Univ. Ajmer-India since 2015. She worked as Customer Service & Telesales Agent at Satguru Total Services Pvt. Ltd. (Ajmer)-India helping investors and entrepreneurs to build lasting and profitable relationships with Successful Funding Experience & Successful Business Venture. In Dubai, Jaya is serving All expats / Entrepreneur as Associate | Business Consultant to build or grow their business. She is very good in company incorporation in UAE, apart from this she knows about all free zone, business structuring, Free-Zone company setups, and Mainland company setups, Offshore Jurisdictions and all other Business terms and tasks related to Dubai / UAE Government & Authorities.

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