Intellectual Property Registration in U.A.E


Intellectual property is a creation of human mind, which can be in form of sign, symbol, brand or in artistic work. IP is the most protected law which can be applied to protect creations and to save expression of the idea for the particular project.


IP rights have three types:


Above three enable its creator/inventor/beneficiary to gain recognition or earn financial benefits.

Protection of intellectual property is ensured not only at the national but also at the international level


Patents are used for the protection of an invention. The Patent provides an exclusive right to the Patent owner, who can decide whether and how the invention can be used by others.In return for the use of the patented invention by others, the owner can implement some legal conditions about the use of inventions. The exclusivity of this intellectual property right makes it compulsory for the owner to disclose technical information publicly in a published patent document.


Copyright is the term used to describe that creator have over their artistic work.copyright includes book, music,painting,sculptures,software,database advertisement,animations.


Trademark is a symbol which used to distinguish brand over the goods or services of the enterprises. Trademark makes it easier for the consumer to quickly identify the source of a given goods.

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