I am presenting the important duo of Intellectual Property Rights. Firstly, Industrial Designs and secondly, Copyrights as basic tools for securing property rights under a territory. Industrial design rights are granted to the creator of designs to reward them for their effort and investment in manufacturing the product. These rights enable the owner to make articles to which the design is applied or in which the design is embodied and whereas Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work, exclusive rights for its use and distribution.
INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS: – A Design Patent is an important type of Intellectual property protection which is ornamental or artistic. It may consist of three-dimensional features such as the shape or surface of the article or two-dimensional features such as patterns, lines or color. By protecting an industrial design, the owner is ensured an exclusive right against its unauthorized copying or imitation by third parties for a specific period (10 years).
Design Rights provides an exclusive right and ban others from copying your product and awards certificate of ownership, and the most important aspect is that the protected products are recognized and typical in the market.
COPYRIGHTS: – Copyright protects the original literary and artistic creations of all types of authors, such as writers, composers, software developers, web designers and many other creators. In the past, copyright law was used to protect creative expressions of various kinds of papers or printer media, whereas, in the current internet era, copyright is relied upon by all types of digital content producers, distributors, and retailers.
Copyright encourages the development of culture, science, and innovation provides a financial benefit to copyright holders for their works and facilitates access to knowledge and entertainment for the public.
Copyright is the right that protects one’s creative expression of ideas. Due to modern technology copying has become very easy due to which copyright infringement is widespread. It is highly difficult to prevent copying things that are uploaded on the internet, but wrongs can be remedied through the procedures established by law and us, ADAM Global provide full assistance for the same.
Our lawyers are experienced in all procedures starting from registration for the copyright till the enforcement of the right and the inhibiting of infringing practices.
We also assist our clients in investigating any possible infringement and keep a watch on any possible breach of their intellectual property.
ADAM lawyers are always willing to take those extra steps that are necessary to establish your Industrial Design Right in your invention and to make sure that your Design is secure from outside infringements.