10 Proven Techniques & How ADAM Global Excels

Many lawyers or law firms do not get enough new clients not because of their lack of expertise or credibility but because of not being able to adapt fast enough the way potential prospects are being reached out to.

What you’ll read next are the 10 proven effective marketing techniques. These tips are based on research that I have been conducting where over 200 lawyers and marketing professionals in the professional services fields were asked what they did that worked. So here are the 10 points;

Number one:  Effective Online Presence

When it comes to expenses, the conventional wisdom among legal marketing experts is that you have to spend at least 5 to 10 percent of your gross revenues on marketing. Otherwise, say the experts, you’re just pretending to market. That percentage excludes the cost of personnel and staff. If you’re not spending 5 to 10 percent, you’re not being serious about marketing, and you’re not going to get any results.

If you participate in your marketing, spend your time on the right activities that really work for your firm. Lets have a look at the next points;

Number two: The second technique is to put high quality content, including both written words and video on your website.

Content marketing is often mistaken as to simply publishing content but what really matters is what and where do you publish it and how do you put it out in front of your potential clients.

That is why I love working with AG Network and ADAM Law Net;

They understand lawyers and the business of law, and help attorneys understand what works and what doesn’t, so attorneys don’t waste time or money. The different unique marketing tools ADAM provides its members are driven by innovation and technology.

When lawyers don’t have time to write their own content, or simply don’t want to do it, they can simply outsource it to their professional writing department, which is managed and staffed by professional writers who understand legal practise , can produce effective, highly targeted and ethics compliant content that any law firm can feel comfortable will serve them well with their state bar, potential clients, referral sources, social media and the search engines.

I recommend starting with ADAM’s exclusive Marketing for members by exploring the opportunities of the platform and discuss with them to create a content strategy for your law firm. They always improve the quality of the site both in terms of look and feel, and also structure. This is because they way your high-quality content is organized matters.

Once you have established a solid base of high-quality written content on the ADAM website, then it’s time to look at other forms of content. These forms of content include:

  • Videos;
  • Info-graphics;
  • White paper

These form are exclusively free to produce and placed on the ADAM Digital Library.

Once you are ready for other content, it is imperative to plan it in conjunction with your written content. It does not make sense to just show up and shoot a video if it doesn’t match the information, tone and style of your content. Once you have videos ready on ADAM, it would be easier to integrate them on your website as well.

Here’s the content recipe I recommend:

Explore with ADAM Global and follow their advice about law firm content.Follow their advice about creating content . Content is the most important ingredient in law firm SEO.

Create video scripts around that content. ADAM does create videos for you and you can choose to have a local professional in your area produce and shoot your video in your professional studios or in your office. However this is where the beauty of ADAM comes in. ADAM offers the ADAM Digital Office and ADAM Studio for recording which is exclusive to members to record videos, or participate in Podcast (Audio recordings)

Once your videos are produced, strategically insert them into the corresponding relevant article (they will help you with this, and it’s so easy that any lawyer can do it themselves).

Measure the impact of your videos on your content. After you have traffic, it’s highly likely that the strategically placed videos will give you a conversion boost or the necessary visibility and reach out.

The same recipe holds true for other content types such as info-graphics. Talk to the ADAM Marketing and Media team if you are a member and have not explored some of these brand new features yet.

Number three: Don’t waste any money on marketing that is not measurable.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. Too many lawyers don’t know if, or why, their marketing is succeeding. This dooms them to spending money and efforts on things that work, but also on things that don’t work. To be highly competitive you need to measure everything so you can eliminate what doesn’t work, and double down on what does work. For instance, advertising and public relations are widely used, but after you’ve spent $10,000 on it, do you have any way that you can check to see if it actually generated any results? I don’t think so. What I would suggest you do is pursue techniques that you can measure. That would include blogs. You can publish a blog and see how many people visited. On a blog, you can also see how many people commented. And, when you’re on ADAM Global using their built-in reports you can actually tell whether a blog post or piece of substantive content influenced a potential client in his or her decision to contact and hire your firm.

Number four: When it comes to business development, start with the low-hanging fruit, and that is your own clients.

These are people who trust you, they send you work, they send you checks. It’s incumbent upon you to get to know them better to see if you can generate additional files from them. It’s much easier to open a new file from a current client than it is to originate a brand new client. It’s also easier and less expensive to get a referral from a satisfied client than to get the attention of a potential client using advertising. Again, this is something that you can measure. You can measure the number of times the attorneys in your firm have actually visited the client, how many times they had lunch with a client or a referral source. Or, if you have an event at your firm, you can count the number of attendees, keep track of all their contact information, and then trace in the new matter reports how many of them turned into new files. The bottom line is you should start at the beginning of any sort of marketing initiative by figuring out how are you going to measure it. If you don’t do that, you have no way of knowing whether it succeeded or not.

I recommend using ADAM Website and Members Area to create a compact web page for potential clients. This is a page automatically created for members that you can give your clients and other referral sources.

Number five: The next thing is to cultivate referral sources.

A lot of lawyers get most of their business from referrals, and that’s a wonderful thing, but the point is that it doesn’t just happen all by itself. The people who get these referrals are lawyers who cultivated them.

Where I would start is with clients. Again, these are people that you’re doing work for, but unless you tell them that they’re supposed to send you new work and that you would welcome this new work, they won’t know that they’re supposed to do so. You actually have to tell them.

Step two is you tell them what kind of work you’re seeking. If you’re doing a lot of commercial real estate transactions and they’re sending you Family cases, you haven’t explained the kind of work that you’re looking for.

There are lots of other referral sources besides clients. There are people that you will know in other professions such as investment brokers, accountants and other lawyers. These are all people that can send you business so long as you tell them that you would like them to and what kind of work to send. ADAM exactly does that- facilitating communication across disciplines to enable cross border business from a single point of contact.

The same thing is true with law school classmates. These are people who know you. If you’re a litigator, obviously you don’t want to approach the litigators because they’re in competition with you. Approach all the people who have a transaction practice. Chances are they’re going to have some sort of a transaction that went south, and they’re going to need your help.

Number six: Get active in a trade association, and get on the board of directors.

You’ll notice that I said, trade association, and not bar association. You should join an association of clients. You want to get in front of a room full of clients, people who can potentially hire you. You find out about these trade associations by asking your current clients what meetings they go to. Then it’s a simple matter of saying, “I’d like to join you at the meeting. Would you introduce me to your friends?” These friends, of course, are all potential clients for you. It’s no good just going to the meeting; you have to be visible. Your goal when you join a trade association is not to be just a face in the crowd. Your goal is to get on the board of directors. The way you do that is you seek out the president and you volunteer. You volunteer to help put together programs; you volunteer to help with the newsletter; you volunteer to help in any sort of activity that is going to lead to a board position.

ADAM encourages members to apply for board positions and explore the platform that the ADAM Deal Market (Deal Finder tool) has in store for them. The tool allows members to bid for government tenders , enables deal matching and explore investment opportunities.

Number Seven: Be known as an Industry Expert through Webinars and Podcast and Video Interviews.

This point should be part of your content strategy. Professionals known as industry experts are more likely to be hired than others. This is so because they are seen to be trustworthy and it is not the expertise that sells but the trust that makes a potential prospect convert to a client. That does not mean you are not an industry expert but what I am referring to how these people get other people see them as industry experts . You would see experts regularly publish content in the shape of video covering experts opinions and driving engagement in their industry’s most trending topics through webinars. Webinars work magic as opposed to regular events and seminars as it gives you the freedom to literally have potential clients listen to you.

This is another big reason why I love ADAM Global so much. You literally do not need to be a tech expert to get yourself a webinar , podcast or video coverage.

Number eight: If you do have a business plan, write it down.

It’s not real until you write it down. What you want to be writing down is whom you’re going to call, when you’re going to meet them, and some sort of an outcome that you’re expecting to have. The idea of writing it down is now you’ve moved it on to your calendar. Once it’s on your to-do list, you’re going to do it.

Number nine: Deploy 300-400 Hours in Business Development

A question I get a lot is “How much time should I devote to business development?” I would recommend 300-400 hours a year. That may sound like a lot, but when you break it down by week, it’s really only four- six hours a week. You can meet somebody for coffee at Starbucks in the morning. You can meet a client. You can meet a referral source for lunch. You can go to a trade association meeting in the evening. All of this you can weave into your ordinary to-do list, and before you know it, you’ve devoted 400 hours. I guarantee you are going to get way more back in new business and new clients than the value of the effort that you devoted. And if you don’t have time to do in-person meetings because of your busy practice or court schedule, the good news is that you can do it effectively even in the middle of the night by creating content for your website and blog. Most lawyers don’t recognize the great value that can be created by consistently watering the garden that is the type of content both written and video.

The clients are there. The value is there. And I can’t encourage lawyers to go after that value enough. Success is yours to grab, so why not run with it?

Number ten: Define your Marketing goals

This should be actually placed first than anything else. Nothing will work unless you clearly define on what is it exactly that you would like to achieve. Many firms and professionals believe that because someone is doing something it would work for them equally- but let me tell you that this will lead you nowhere. Your business and expertise are unique to you – and only you understand how are you making people’s life easier with whatever your offering and expertise are in the field. Not all Marketing activities are destined to give you instant ROI and not all social platforms offer you a one fits all approach.

But what makes the ADAM Global Network and its online platform stand out that it constantly re-innovates itself to cater not just the needs of law firms but across disciplines in the professional service industry.

As the only network of professional networks, ADAM collaborates with other networks to give their affiliate member an added uniqueness to their profile. Lets connect and explore further! I am also happy to get you an insight how joining the AG network can give you a distinctive position as a professional or legal services firm.

So these are the 10 effective Marketing techniques for law firms. Please share your comments and if you found this article helpful feel free to re share.