Right now, can you afford to be making urgent, high-impact decisions based on the wrong data? Leaders find themselves in the unchartered territory during what is likely to be a prolonged humanitarian, social and economic COVID-19 crisis. There is a heightened sense of urgency and anxiety to secure the future of the organisation. In this environment of great uncertainty, organisations are struggling to make informed decisions. Leaders are well aware that mistakes may profoundly affect their operations and impact the physical and mental health of their employees. Decisions made today will undoubtedly bear great consequences on relationships with employees, their energy and commitment into the future.

Because of the emotionally charged situation, we now find ourselves in, many leaders are turning away from traditional methods of gathering facts. They increasingly understand that they are unlikely to get unbiased and objective straight answers from within their organisation on which to base crucial decisions. Instead, leaders are turning to more advanced methods to improve the relevance, accuracy and objectivity of critical data gathering.

Neuroscience has shown that virtually all of the decisions we make are driven by our emotions and feelings. These feelings and emotions are automatically generated in the nonconscious, irrational, ‘implicit’ part of the brain, which is vastly more influential than our conscious, rational, ‘explicit’ brain. Until now the only way to understand how groups of people really feel is to ask them face-to-face (assessing their non-verbal communication, i.e. body language) or by using traditional conscious, explicit questioning techniques – questionnaires. However, these traditional methods are flawed because they allow conscious bias and moderation, both of which result in inaccurate and inconsistent data. Nor do they measure the intuitive ‘gut reactions’ that identify the emotions and feelings of an individual. Traditional methods are also exposed to conscious bias, moderation, and deliberate manipulation that lead to inaccurate results and misled conclusions.

The new generation of Neurotech® powered people analytics changes all of this. These assessment tools are better because they bypass conscious bias and moderation. Using a neuropsychological method they measure only our nonconscious responses, providing far more accurate insight into how an employee – or any key stakeholder – is actually feeling – information that is likely to be quite different from what they would otherwise tell you.

Because of COVID-19, organisations are forced to act quickly and decisively; they don’t have time to develop perfect and well-tested plans. They also have to make in-flight changes to their operating models and how people work. All of this means that leaders like you must respond to the increased stress on employees brought on by social distancing, potential coronavirus exposures in the work environment, immediate shifts to remote working, re-tooling and other personal anxieties brought about by the pandemic.

By using Neuroscience methods, leaders will have the means to ‘sense the mood’ of their organisation, and build decision validation and early-warning systems that:

  • Measure whether crisis responses are effective, that your people are adapting, and the consequences are not causing greater harm
  • Measure your own effectiveness (due to personal and change-induced stress)
  • Assess whether your measures are adhering to duties of care and employee protection regulations including local Health & Safety laws
  • Measure the impact of operational changes which are potentially not tested or implemented on the fly
  • Assess if there is confidence in management actions and crisis plans
  • Assess whether you have the support and loyalty of employees, customers, suppliers, creditors and shareholders.

Fundamentally, however you wrap it up, the challenge is in understanding Organisational Wellness as the crisis unfolds. This is critical to success in accurately understanding how employees’ ability to cope, in their newly enforced ways of working.

So why take the risk now? We will all be judged on how we handle this unprecedented situation, and the best way to ensure a favourable assessment of our performance is to take confident action based on relevant, accurate data using the latest tools.

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