ADAM Global 7th International Business Forum and AGM, successfully concluded in Berlin, Germany. This meeting was held in conjunction with RAK ICC. Many thanks to the collective efforts of all AG members & guests who bring new perspectives to the floor each time.

There were some excellent presentations that focused on a range of topics:

– Germany the investment opportunity
– The Uberisation of Professional Business Services
– The digital law office
– Blockchain and crypto-currency in business
– A range of geographical opportunities spanning the BRIC markets; UAE, Africa; ASEAN and Europe
– Culture at work
– Positivity in thinking
– Offshore and other business set-up offerings, with RAK ICC
– Telemedicine
– Market-entry specialist services, especially in India

ADAM Global also appointed a range of leadership roles and the following are the key appointees, as Presidents of Regions, who will work closely in building the ADAM Global brand, across the world

Presidents will be supported by Vice-Presidents

Country level by Heads of Country

The conference featured some terrific keynote speakers, workshop presenters & had association with some prestigious organizations like Germany Trade & Invest, European Legal Tech Association & RAK ICC who were the official Gold Sponsor of the event

Achim Hartig, MD, Investor Consulting, GTAI – extends support & cooperation to foreign companies to set up & extend business to German markets . Watch full video
Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of the World class Corporate Registry firm RAK ICC based in UAE, quotes that, the success of any business comes from creating a network around the world. He also listed some facts about how UAE is leading the world in terms of ease of doing business.
Watch full video

ADAM Global will be appointing other leadership roles, in due course. The key out-take from this meeting was that, increase in engagement with each other is needed to look for opportunities, for growth, from one another and use the ADAM Global platform to make our business and our fellow members business stronger. Alongside the Presidents and Vice-Presidents, of Regions, ADAM Global looks forward to greater engagement, greater communication, and greater support to all fellow members, in this next phase of growth.


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