10th International Business Forum - Dubai

The 10th International Business Forum (IBF) in Dubai, scheduled for October 30th, 2024, emerges as a pivotal event in the calendar of professionals across diverse sectors such as legal, medical, and accountancy. Centered around the intriguing theme of Digital Currency, this forum is more than just a conference; it’s a convergence of ideas and innovation. Aimed at C-suite professionals, lawyers, doctors, and accountants, the IBF provides a unique platform for networking, professional development, and gaining insights into the rapidly evolving digital financial landscape.

The relevance of this forum is underscored by the growing prominence of digital currencies in the global economy. In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has seen exponential growth, with its valuation reaching an astounding $2 trillion in 2021. This surge reflects a broader shift towards digitalization in finance, a trend that is reshaping businesses and investment strategies worldwide. The IBF in Dubai will delve into these developments, offering a comprehensive overview of how digital currencies are influencing trade, regulatory frameworks, and global economic dynamics.

The event is strategically placed in Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and economic growth. Dubai’s commitment to becoming a leading global fintech hub is well evidenced by its numerous initiatives, such as the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, aimed at transforming 50% of government transactions into the blockchain platform by 2021. Hosting the IBF in such a dynamic city further adds to the event’s significance, providing attendees with a firsthand look at a leading center of financial technology..

Keynote Speakers and Panels

As the IBF in Dubai finalizes its lineup of keynote speakers and panelists, attendees can anticipate an impressive array of experts specializing in digital currency and related fields. The significance of their contributions cannot be overstated in an era where understanding digital finance is crucial for every professional. In 2023, the global blockchain technology market size was valued at approximately $5.92 billion, and it’s projected to reach $69.04 billion by 2027, indicating the rapid growth and importance of this field.

The forum’s focus on digital currency is particularly relevant given the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in mainstream finance. For instance, as of 2021, over 300 million people worldwide were estimated to own cryptocurrency, and about 18,000 businesses were accepting Bitcoin payments. The speakers at the IBF will address these transformative trends, providing insights into how digital currencies are reshaping financial practices, compliance, and global trade.

The diverse backgrounds of the speakers, ranging from fintech startups to established financial institutions and regulatory bodies, will ensure a holistic understanding of the digital currency landscape. They will cover a breadth of topics, from the impact of digital currencies on traditional banking to the legal and ethical implications of blockchain technology in professional practices. These discussions are designed not only to inform but also to stimulate strategic thinking and innovation among attendees.

Our Speakers

Kamran Shaikh

Morgan Reach Chartered Certified Accountants


Peter Ruggle

Ruggle Partner

Edith Nordmann

ACG International

Marcus Buschmann

Buschmann & Associates Attorneys

Mark Field

Evans Petree, P.C.

Lorenzo Pascali



Victoria Alonge

SimmonsCooper Partners

Juliet Zhou

R & T Consulting Group

Prof. Rotimi Jaiyesimi


Special Features and Audience Engagement

The 10th IBF in Dubai distinguishes itself not just through its high-profile speakers but also via its interactive and educational offerings. The event will host a series of workshops and panel discussions, tailored to the nuanced interests of its audience – C-suite professionals, lawyers, doctors, and accountants. These sessions are designed to provide a deep dive into the world of digital currencies and their implications across various professional domains.

Given the diverse professional backgrounds of the attendees, the workshops will focus on the practical applications and implications of digital currencies in different sectors. For instance, in the legal domain, topics might include the regulatory challenges and legal frameworks surrounding cryptocurrencies. For medical professionals, discussions could revolve around the potential of blockchain technology in healthcare data security and patient privacy. Accountants and financial professionals would find sessions on blockchain’s impact on auditing and international financial transactions particularly relevant.

The growing importance of digital literacy in professional settings underscores the relevance of these workshops. As of 2021, approximately 81% of financial executives globally reported having a basic understanding of blockchain and digital currencies, a figure that underscores the urgency for continuous education in this rapidly evolving field. The IBF’s approach to encompassing a wide range of topics ensures that attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of digital currencies, equipped to apply this knowledge in their respective fields.

Participation and Registration

With its focus on the burgeoning field of digital currency, the 10th IBF in Dubai represents a unique opportunity for professional growth and networking. The forum not only caters to the current needs of professionals across various sectors but also positions them at the forefront of emerging financial technologies and trends.

Registration for the 10th International Business Forum in Dubai is strategically designed to be inclusive and accessible. Professionals across the legal, medical, and accountancy sectors, particularly those in C-suite positions, are encouraged to register early. Early registration not only secures a spot in this high-demand event but also ensures participants receive timely updates as more details about the speakers and sessions are finalized.

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