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What is the ADAM Global Network of Networks?

ADAM Global is the first of its kind Network of Networks collaborating with international networks across disciplines to offer quality services to clients. AG has strong connections with both governmental and non-governmental entities. Our network of network structure is a set of organizations and other networks & associations with diverse relationships. One way to think about it is like an ecosystem.

Scroll over and click on the logos below to read more about our Network partners. ADAM Global Members can interact with network members via the Networks Representative also referred to as the “network’s gatekeeper” or Representative.

McMillan Woods Global

McMillan Woods Global (MCMWG) is a global network or association of independent local and regional firms of recognized qualified accountants and professional advisers. It was established for the purpose of providing members and their clients with the capability of furnishing a broader spectrum of accounting, auditing, advisory and management services at a cutting edge cost effective basis.

IC & Partners Group

IC & Partners Group is an Italian based association that brings together accounting professionals specialized in consulting and operational assistance to companies active in internationalization projects in Central Eastern European countries, in the USA and in China.

African Legal Network

ALN is a distinguished legal network covering an expansive and growing number of jurisdictions in Africa. It has a broad coverage of the Sub-Saharan region and continues to expand its reach with the addition of member firms in Francophone and North Africa. The network offers clients engaging in pan-African cross-border matters with a single integrated service and deep local knowledge

Harley Street Medical Center

HSMC consultants are senior expert specialist consultants from NHS teaching hospitals. The group of 55 consultants with senior primary care physicians have joined in the venture to deliver highest quality of private medical care at Queen Anne Street Medical Center. The provider of the specialist care will encompass the cutting-edge technology, recent medical advancement and highest clinical and quality of care which is patient centered. The gold standard of world class treatment will be offered to all patients called our family. HSMC has all speciality physicians and surgeons, primary care physicians, occupational specialists and research experts. HSMC is committed to innovative innovation, quality and preventive medical care. The standard offered at the point of delivery from post care is unparalleled. Care is personalized and individually tailored for the needs of the patients. This was established in 2016 as a vision of co-clinicians in Essex.

Benefits of Joining as a Network

A few of the goals of why networks and associations collaborate with ADAM Global is as follows:

  • ADAM Global Members can search for experts, data or content and vice versa
  • Networks can add and share content with low barriers to authorship and enhanced digital visibility
  • Networks can measure success, adoption, projects through dashboards and monitoring tools
  • Ability to follow cross-functional experts and their content in the collaborative network
  • Cross Participation in regional and annual conference

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