It is not just our values that we stand by , but what we actually do as a team:

 It’s all about people

We are challengers

Growth and learning is in our DNA

We are passionate about our work

We envision BIG and start small.

We are generous givers, not self-serving takers

We can do a lot more by doing less, better and faster

We will laugh hard, loud, and often


Dr. Tahir Akhtar

Founding Chairman of ADAM Global

DrTahir Akhtar is a Doctorpreneur and Founding Chairman of ADAM Global. He is a serial entrepreneur and a regularly featured keynote speaker. Home Secretary of Her Majesty’s Government appointed him a “Member of Independent Monitoring Board” in London. He has also received multiple awards including the best Medical Entrepreneur of the year from the House of Lords, Houses of Parliament, UK.


Yogan Yoganandan

Managing Director

Yogan comes from the UK with a Srilankan origin and a professional background in marketing, brand and general management. He has helped build global brands such as Samsung, Intel, Unilever, MTN and GSK, amongst others in Leadership positions. He has founded online marketplaces like Koji to disrupt the deal market in the UK.


Jessica Augustin

Marketing Director

Jessica comes from Germany with a 14 years’ experience in Branding, Digital & Concept Marketing, as well as Corporate Communication.  She is known to be a creative imaginer, a motivational speaker and is responsible for the overall brand positioning and events for ADAM Global.


Naveed Haq

Chief Information Officer

Naveed is known to be the ingenious Microsoft certified tech master and heart for ADAM Global over the past 10 years. With a Masters in Computer Sciences, his rich experience of 17 years and knowledge on software platforms and overall Corporate IT structure has contributed to ADAM Global being the innovative platform it is today.


Vaishnavi Vishwanath

Marketing Coordinator

Vaishnavi is a passionate Marketing Specialists and Art Illustrator for Sage Publications. Having worked prior with the Ministry of Tourism India, she brings enthusiasm to the workplace and is responsible for all types of marketing coordination and executions at ADAM Global.


Paul Naval

Membership Manager

Paul inherently understands that our members are the single most valuable asset an organization can have. He is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of customer driven focus. He is responsible for facilitating potential members to join ADAM Global