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About AG Referrals:

The ADAM Members Referral Area  offers a great tool for tracking the progress of the referrals that you receive . Once another member has sent you a referral via the AG Referral form, ADAM Global forwards you this referral. This automatically is added to your personal Referral Tracking Sheet where you can monitor the progress of this referral. You can also use this function to manually add your own referrals that you wish to track.

As we are upgrading the experience,  automated functionalities are being added in the near future.Meanwhile, members must use the below form to make a referral to another member.



How it works:

  1. Enter the details of the referral by using this form
  2. Make sure you enter as much information as possible. Before you pass a referral, ask yourself this question: If I was this member would I be happy to receive this referral?
  3. If the answer is no, do some more work on it. You and your business’ reputation in the group will depend on it.
  4. The referred member will be notified promptly via an ADAM Representative.
  5. Members must respond to the referral within 24 hours.
  6. If no response is received, the referral will be passed on to the next relevant member in the group.
  7. It is important that members must pass a minimum of 2-4 qualified referrals every month to another member within the network. All referrals are recorded and will be presented during monthly Web meetings.
  8. A mentor will be assigned to you if you do not pass a referral within 2 months.
  9. Failing to comply may result in the dismissal of membership.


Important Tips:

In order to generate Referrals , Give Referrals.



Need More Referrals from the Network?

Download this Quick Tip Guide on how to create more referrals



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AG Referral

Contact Information About the Referral
Cold Hot

Kindly provide as much information as you possibly can to ensure an effective communication between the referral and the referred.

Education Resource & Templates for Members

This section allows members to download useful resource tools and templates that will help you track, record, generate and give referrals.

Members Bio Sheet

The Members Bio Sheet is ideally filled out by the speaker of a web meeting or conference. This Bio Sheet includes more than just someone who owns a company and lets participants and fellow members know you better. This definitely makes everyone comfortable and get to know you better. Afterall, our motto is that people do business with people they trust.

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1-2-1 Meeting Planner

The one-on-one Meeting Planner is really just a way to schedule one-on-one meetings, is a great tool to use to get to know members of your chapter – outside of your regular meetings! The better rapport you have with each member, the more referrals you will both be able to give to each other. By systematically developing your relationships with each other, your will also be systematically developing your referrals in future meetings! Use the planner above to schedule your one-on-one meetings.

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One-2-One Follow Up Cards

One-2-One Follow up Cards are used by members to be turned it to the Regional Presidents or Regional Network Mentor before each monthly web meeting. These will be followed up in order to progress the record of any referral or meeting made and to offer guidance and advice that will help you to nurture and foster the relationship with other members within the network. This card MUST be used by all members.

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