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ADAM Intellectual Property a global organization specializing in Trademark, copyright, patent and design protection. ADAM IP is a subsidiary of Adam Global, world complete range of corporate service provider. We make IP protection strategies; provide comprehensive professional advice how to secure your Trademark, copyright, patent and design. We file and process Trademark applications in different countries, take counterfeiting actions in coordination with relevant enforcement agencies. Process provide discussion your provide guidance and professional advice for safeguarding the trademark of our clients and acquainting them with their rights, privileges and obligations emerging out from the ownership of the trademark.




Intellectual Property is the most important parts of modern business. There are lots of talks about Intellectual property in different aspects. In modern competitive and global markets, protection of Intellectual Property is one of the most important steps.

Effective Intellectual Property Strategies valuably increases companies’ competitiveness and profit in the market. Intellectual Property rights provide Trademark, copyright, patent, design and other protection to the owner of the brand, the inventor of a machine, the author of a book, or the writer of music somehow usually ‘owns’ their work. From this ownership, certain consequences flow and it probably have been made aware of the fact that we cannot just copy or buy a copy of works without considering the rights of actual owner.

Our team of experts is efficient with the procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities and enforcement of one’s trademark.

We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving trade mark matters, franchising, due diligence, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.

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Benefits & Role of IP

  • What is IP
  • Roles of IP
  • Benefits of IP

What is Intellectual Property and Why is it so important for your business?

IP is like a diamond mine, only people who know how to dig well and in the right direction, have a high probability of finding relevant results. The term IP refers to unique, value-adding creations of the human intellect that results from human ingenuity, creativeness and inventiveness.

IP, as a creation of the human intellect, is found almost everywhere – in creative work like books, films, records, music, art and software, and in everyday objects like cars, computers, drugs and new varieties.

An Example:-The iPhone is an example of an IP which has been protected by Apple; the creator in this case. Apple has trademarked the word “iPhone”; Patented the technology which is used to make the iPhone function and registered the Design of the iPhone. Another company cannot sell or claim ownership of the iPhone unless they can prove they came up with the name, technology and design. The purpose of IP is to safeguard the owners’ rights so that they are the only ones who can benefit from their creation.

The Role of IP

  • Position themselves as leaders in a cutting edge issue in the modern economy – Brand Building
  • Attract new members in highly innovative sectors
  • Generate new sources of income through new services
  • Create new services and add value to the existing ones
  • Help their members increase their competitiveness
  • Help stimulate creativity and innovation in the local economy

The Benefits of IP:-

  • Enriching the pool of public knowledge and culture
  • Maintaining fair competition and encouraging the production of a wide range of quality goods and services and their subsequent exploitation
  • Underpinning social, cultural and economic growth and employment
  • Sustaining innovation and creation

Promoting technological advances and cultural expression.

IP Awareness Initiative

Aim is to make IP CULTURE mandatory. Wherever there is trade, there are goods, and services and wherever there are goods and services there are IPR to protect them.

Introduction Every business and start up should proactively brainstorm to identify its technological strengths, unique ideas, marketing strategies and branding. They can protect their valuable business ideas in the form of IPR.  Those who ignore IPR protection, they give risk of their business ideas being stolen or copied by competitors, business rivals or even by their employers.

Our objectives

  • Adam Global Intellectual Property awareness initiative aims at raising awareness among the general public and business community about the very concept, existence, worth and modes of protecting it.
  • The catalyst behind the initiative is the lack of knowledge in the major section of the society about Intellectual Property i.e. the people have little knowledge about what is Intellectual Property?
  • What are the objects where possibly their Intellectual Property may be existing. In business community generally, Intellectual Property is the least focused area and the most unrealized intangible asset.

Through this initiative we intend to educate different sections of the society that anything that came into being as a result of their intellectual and imaginary endeavour is their Intellectual Property like a bungalow, a car or a phone they own, they have every right over their Intellectual Property and likewise it requires protection.

IP Services

Intellectual Property is one of the widely misunderstood term and most neglected property in this modern era. Intellectual property is no different from the general concept of property as we all know i.e. land, laptop and a car. Likewise Intellectual Property is the end product of human intellect and imagination i.e.inventions, techniques, technologies, music, a piece of art or literature. It is a property of intangible nature and sometimes more valuable than any tangible property.