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Case Studies

An internationally reputed mineral water brand from India carrying on its work since 1969 in home country and abroad when extended its product to enter in the market of UAE was surprised to know that its well reputed brand is already registered by some infringers in UAE.

Initially the brand owner from India send notice to the Infringer but no response was received. Thereafter we on behalf of Original brand owner from India approached Dubai Courts for cancellation of Trademark on the ground that it has been fraudulently registered only to gain from the goodwill and reputation of the original trademark.

In our case we informed the court that the registration of trademark in UAE by infringer is harming the original trademark owner and infringer cannot claim to be original owner of the brand as they were fully aware of the goodwill of the Trademark from India and its reputation across the globe.

After reviewing the evidence of use and reputation of the trademark we successfully proved that the infringer has counterfeited the trademark and hence is liable to be cancelled.