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ADAM Global is a registered agent for all offshore jurisdictions in UAE as well as provides offshore services through our international network in other preferred jurisdictions. Our Experts have over 15 years of experience in dealing with offshore company formation in Dubai process as well as provide offshore banking solutions. We have been ranked amongst the TOP 50 SMEs in 2013 and till date provide continued support to many happy clients from all over the world!

An Offshore company is also known as an International Business Company and often incorporated to effectively improve on wealth and asset management. It gives the freedom to do business in a tax efficient and cost-effective way. An Offshore company refers to a company that is formed in a jurisdiction outside ones own jurisdiction. It is another way of saying offshore corporation. In UAE the advantages are manifold. Besides all this, the benefits for registering an offshore company in UAE are excellent and unparalleled.

There are a few considerable factors that you need to take care of while choosing for an offshore jurisdiction. All Offshore jurisdictions that ADAM Global works with have all the following considerable factors;

  1. Trustworthy means of communication;
  2. Political and economical stability;
  3. Good Standing;
  4. Advanced business laws;

However, the right choice of jurisdiction also depends on where you live and on the business you conduct. Your Relationship Manager can help you understand the different jurisdictions so that you may select which one makes the most sense with regard to your personal situation.

Some countries (particularly in the United Arab Emirates, BVI, Caribbean or Seychelles and Mauritius) are popular nations for incorporation since they have few corporate regulations or taxes and only moderate management costs. However, it totally depends on your personal requirement and advise of your consultant.

Offshore Companies are mostly used by investors and entities for the purpose of International Trading, holding property, invoicing international clients, and asset protection. It is also used to hold shares in another firm locally and internationally.

Individual or international business Companies who would like to;

  • Hold or own property in a convenient & tax efficient manner
  • Improve on wealth management
  • Manage business virtually and own an Offshore Bank Account
  • Trade and/or Invest Internationally
  • Own a company to hold Intellectual Property Rights

The Major advantage of an offshore company is that you generally do not have to provide accounts to any tax authorities.

However, in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Gibraltar and the UK for example, it is indeed compulsory for companies to have their yearly accounts audited. In few cases, you are required to pay taxes. Please refer to us for more information.

While tax reporting to the local authorities may not be applicable to the offshore, however, from a personal perspective it must not relieve you from seeking advice from a tax advisor in your country of residence in order to assess the extent of your own obligations, if any.

No. Most of the jurisdictions we work with do not impose taxes on profits made or interest earned by the company.

Once upon a time opening an offshore bank account was really easy. You’d just turn up at the bank, provide some documentation, and presto … you’d have the account! You could even get anonymous or numbered bank accounts in the Caribbean, Austria, Latvia, etc.

Those days are long gone. Nowadays you’re not going to be able to open an offshore bank account without knowing the game and how to work within it.

  • You’ll need an introducer, i.e. someone with good standing with the bank. Opening an account without one is very difficult, and you are likely to be declined.
  • You also need documentary proof of your legitimacy and possibly a bank reference.
  • You need a legitimate reason as to why you want to bank offshore.
  • Choosing a company jurisdiction which banks like.