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What is an Offshore?

An Offshore Company in UAE, also known as an International Business Company, is often incorporated to effectively improve on wealth and asset management. It gives the freedom to do business in a tax efficient and cost effective way. In UAE the advantages are manifold. Besides all this, the benefits for registering and offshore company in UAE are excellent and unparalleled .

UAE Offshore Company Uniqueness

  • UAE is a real country with real economy.
  • UAE is not a dependent or ‘overseas’ territory of another country and is white-listed.
  • UAE has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA’s) with several countries, nowadays more than 40.

Why Dubai Offshore company is the best solution?

In our professional opinion, a Dubai or UAE Offshore Company is an excellent corporate structure because it is;


Why Dubai?

Dubai is referred to the city of gold with excellent standards of living. Being the Business Capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai is an ideal Business hub.It offers a range of opportunities forboth business and family life. We have listed a few of the major reasons why Dubai , a liberal economy becomes the most sough option to start a business both in free zones or offshore;

  • Dubai is strategically located between Europe, Asia and Africa and every year attracts around 5 million investors and tourists.
  • It is one of the world’s safest cities in the world with an amazing low crime rate and a absolute fair judicial system.
  • Over 200 nationalities consider Dubai their home. Moreover everyone living in Dubai is referred to as a Global Citizen given the vibrancy and multi-cultural diversity.
  • Dubai is hosting the World Expo 2020 with attracting over 25Million Visitors out of whuch 70 % will be from outside the country.
  • Dubai is well serviced by international and local financing and banking institutions.
  • The education system is quite advance to suit all languages and cultures consisting of both public and private schools with equal treatment of Emiratis and Expats.
  • Dubai is know to be a destination for medical care having a world class health care system in place.
  • Very importantly, there are an abundance of a wide variety of entertainment options for all tastes, cultures and budgets.

Discover Dubai’s and have a lifetime experience for yourself and unleash a whole new world of opportunities.


Advantages of UAE Offshore Company Registration

Offshore registration in UAE allows 100% foreign ownership and therefore UAE national is not required either as shareholder or sponsor.

  • The offshore company in UAE is exempted from all corporate and income taxes.
  • No foreign currency restrictions for offshore companies
  • Full repatriation of the offshore companies profits and capital is allowed
  • Offshore company setup costs are less that of an onshore company.
  • For offshore registration there is no onshore office and accordingly, there are no employees and related costs.
  • Only minimum capital is required to set-up an offshore company.
  • The offshore company can own interest in real estate (as approved by the relevant authority where the offshore company is registered) in the UAE and can act as a Holding Company.
  • 100% foreign ownership & repatriation
  • Can have benefit of opening corporate bank account with multiple currencies support

Where can I setup my Offshore company in UAE?

UAE offers three offshore jurisdictions to choose from to register your offshore company:

  • JAFZA Offshore (in Dubai Jebel Ali Freezone)
  • RAK ICC in Emirates of Ras al Khaimah
  • Ajman Offshore under Ajman Freezone

Each of the jurisdictions carry their own added benefits. For example if you are looking to buy freehold property in Dubai , JAFZA offshore company in UAE is the ideal option. On the other hand Ras Al Khaimah gives you the most cost effective and customizable options while incorporating a RAK International Business Company in UAE.  However if you would like to look another option than the above mentioned than UAE also offers Ajman offshore company formation. It is mandatory to approach a registered agent to setup and offshore company in UAE or anywhere in the world!

How to Setup an Offshore Company

Documents required for Individual Shareholders

  • Passport copy of Shareholder (notarized)
  • Utility bill (from anywhere around the world) as a proof of residence
  • Original Bank reference letter
  • Suggested activities of the offshore company
  • Details of beneficiaries

Documents for Corporate entity shareholders

  • Trade License or Incorporation Certificate
  • Original shareholder resolution
  • Memorandum of Association of the parent company
  • Passport copies and Bank reference letter of the UBOs
  • Certificate of Good Standing for parent company
  • Incumbency certificate of parent company

NOTE: All The Required Documents Should Be In English Language Or Should Be Translated Into English Language Form Authorized Translator.


Your Offshore Company can be registered in 4-5 business days. If you wish to choose a fast registration option, “express” takes only 48 hours.


By getting in touch with us, you will secure your legal entity to be registered in the shortest possible time.


  • Incorporation certificate
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Company Seal/Stamp
  • Certificate of Guarantee of Quality
  • Bank Account (optional)
  • Unrivaled Speedy Incorporation process

Opening an offshore bank account in UAE

Bank account opening for an UAE offshore company is one of the common requirement and as registered agent, a company such as ADAM GLOBAL  can introduce you to some of the most  most reputed bank representatives.

In short , UAE is a stable,safe and secure place for International Business companies who wish to have a presence in UAE and carry out international business activities .

Requirements for company formation in dubai
A registered agent with registered office approved by the appropriate authority is required to setup offshore company under RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore. Offshore company notices and correspondence will be addressed to the same office.


RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore Company

RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore registration is used by individuals, international businesses and financial companies to avail opportunities available in the region and worldwide.
The offshore company is used by investors to fulfill the need of off-shoring and outsourcing.

  • Multinational Companies
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Family Businesses, Low Profile Companies
  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Fund Management Firms
  • Licensed Ancillary Services

International Business Company (IBC) can be registered with both RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore as LTD (Limited) to serve offshore financial activities.

ADAM Offshore VIP Package & Services

For Corporates and Individual we have a special VVIP Elite Package that includes

  • Services for operating your business,
  • Hiring local employees,
  • Entering into agreements,
  • Renting of office space,
  • Selling goods and company services,
  • Drafting contracts
  • Offering investments, taxation and banking advice
  • Registering an Offshore company
  • Maintaining an Offshore company
  • Restoring an Offshore company
  • Structuring an Offshore company
  • Incorporate an Offshore company in a desired jurisdiction
  • Assist to open the bank account for the Offshore company
  • Renewing Offshore company every year
  • Facility of Registered Office with PO Box in Dubai
  • Organize nominee directors or secretary, if required

Offshore Comparison Chart