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ADAM Education Network

We are the provider of Educational Services worldwide.The aim of ADAM’s Edu Net is to become a Global Centre of Excellence where not only Students and Educational Institutes benefit, but real research, latest publication and advancement are being discussed in collaboration with Education Agencies, other global  Education Networks and ministries to help people become future ready.

Currently, we empower international students and professionals to reach their goals through limitless access to our trusted and accredited education providers. Our Network comprises of Universities, International School Networks, Executive & Professional Education Providers, Training & Coaching Centers as well as regulatory bodies, agencies and research centers.

The ADAM Edu-Net Is All About Global Quality Excellence

Joining the ADAM Edu-Net, your organization will gain immediate recognition and greater credibility. Your business will grow as you reach a global community in over 130 countries.

  • Connect and interact with a global community
  • Joint Education events
  • Special Privileges and opportunities for students, teaching professionals and Research Faculty
  • Participate in International Researches and hear from experts
  • Peer networking, strategy sharing; support, policy advice and  policy research.
  • Special Webinars and Guest Speaking Sessions on Industry Topics
  • Share experience & strategies with other members and network, in order to formulate a global best practice
We ensure high standards and follow a strict criteria while choosing our Education Providers. In order to become part of the ADAM Edu-Net you must
  • Be accredited and internationally recognized as an Education Provider
  • Have Verified focus of courses and learning outcomes.
  • Follow Methodology of instructions that meet global standards and benchmark.

Education & Research Network Partners

About SR21-Institute for Scientific Research

Science is the engine of prosperity, a system for exploring and for innovation. Science can fuel our economic growth. It can form a path for our young people in a competitive global marketplace. And it can fire our imagination. That’s why scientific research deserves our steady commitment and investment. On the other hand research takes time. Typical funding grants average five years long. It takes time to run the experiments, gather the data, analyse it properly, and confirm the findings. And our own track record proves that steady funding support leads to success. Our ability to handle today’s pressing issues, from providing energy efficiency, to curing illnesses and to living sustainably in a finite world, will require the innovations that arise from scientific research.

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‘SR21 - Institute for Scientific Research’ is a non-profit organisation based in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. Higher Research is concerned as the central hub of the Institute, supporting a sustained international activity, coordinating interactions with academic and professional services, as well as promoting the exchange and dissemination of Knowledge and Technology. The institute runs Advanced Bachelor, Master, Licentiate and Doctorate degrees, specifically designed for each individual student. They assist their graduates to ‘Register as Scientists’ in their field of interest and to investigate critical issues facing our changing world in the 21st century. Since 2014 ‘SR21 - Institute for Scientific research’, has gained accreditation with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities. In 2017 the institute received ‘Premier' accreditation status, for a period of 4 years. The Institute follows the UK regulated qualifications framework (RQF) as well as the European qualifications framework (EQF) for the awards it confers. Their degree awards are eligible for USA evaluation and equivalency for academic and professional purposes. This can be used for university admission, credits transfer, professional licensing, employment and salary adjustment as well as for immigration purposes

About Aristeia Alliance

The 'Aristeia Alliance’ is an initiative that runs under the umbrella of ’SR21 - Institute for Scientific Research”. The Alliance networks leading global universities in a specific discipline and international companies, which may provide a training/placement environment for research students.

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The aim is to help build a strong future for the member institutions by creating a constructive and positive space for debate and new ideas and provide the trainees with job opportunities. The member institutions work closely with employers, to provide long work placements and equip graduates with the skills and abilities needed to secure employment.

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