The World’s First & Largest Network of Networks Officially Announced: EU Regional Meeting, London



ADAM GLobal (AG) hosts VIP EU Regional Meeting at the Caledonian Club in London on 26th February marking the presence of Top Business & Political Influencers including distinguished keynote speakers such as Lord Waverly and the Baroness Couttie Philippa Marion Roe amongst others. ADAM Global, primarily a multi-disciplinary network in diverse practice areas such as law, accounting, taxation, immigration, business advisory services, corporate services & consulting as well as HR, has marked the onset of a new resolution by tapping into a blue ocean as the World’s first Network of Networks.

The Scottish traditional Bagpipe was being played during the inaugural of the Regional meeting in London at the Caledonian Club.

The earliest mention of bagpipes in Scotland dates to the 15th century although they are believed to have been introduced to Britain by the Roman armies. The pìob mhór, or Great Highland Bagpipe, was originally associated with both hereditary piping families and professional pipers to various clan chiefs; later, pipes were adopted for use in other venues, including military marching.

Renowned London Based Doctor Preneur and Chairman ADAM Global, Dr. Tahir Akhtar, has officially presented the ADAM Global transformation of the already existing network for global member firms as the World’s first and largest networks of networks. The full-day event kicked off in the early morning hours at 8 am where participants and guest interacted over breakfast followed later in the first half with Practice development workshops facilitated by renowned practice heads. Amongst these, were noteworthy experts like Jamil Ahmud from Bloomsbury Law London, who launched the ADAM Law Net as part of the ADAM Global Network, Andreas Hadjimitsis (President Europe AG), Rajeev Naik ( London based Practise Head for immigration) and Dennis Vermeulen (member from the Netherlands).

The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) CEO, Richard Burge Richard who is currently the CEO of Wilton Park, an executive agency of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office led an interactive session on opportunities to do business with British companies and thus promoting economic empowerment.The CIC brings together thought leaders from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, business, academia , civil society, the military and the media to provide innovative thinking on global issues

The LCC initiatives and plans to promote British trade and attract business to the UK were also amongst the valuable topics presented during the meeting by Peter Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Viscount Waverly, John Desmond Forbes Anderson has presented the World’s leading platform ” Deal Finder” to connect,  promote and facilitate global trade opportunities. The Deal Finder has been exclusively adopted by the ADAM Global  Network for its members and can be publically accessed through the AG website.

The  VIP Meeting concluded with an exclusive visit to the Houses of Parliament and a roundup session by UK Member Paul Clark.

View full Event Gallery here or watch the entertaining Scottish Bagpipe played during the event

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