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At Adam Global, we find contentment in being fully engaged in the world around us. When we looked around, we chose Namibia for our first healthcare CSR initiative because health and wellness are what matters the most! Driven by a strong desire to make a difference by helping change people’s lives, Adam Global of late came up in August 2022 with an initiative with an overarching purpose to lend a hand to Namibia in accomplishing its goal of strengthening the healthcare sector. The sliding-door CSR campaign “Friends of Namibia” sparked off recently in January 2023 with a mission to support –

  • The Namibian Healthcare System with its current procedures and equipment handling
  • Road accident patients with immediate trauma care and prevention
  • Female well-being, focusing on Maternal and Neonatal Mortality as well as other female-specific medical matters
  • Gynaecologists and obstetricians of Namibia in developing new methods and approaches to better cater to the specific needs of female patients
  • In improving access to medical services via telemedical centres, and
  • On surgical procedures and equipment usage training

Namibian Healthcare Sector: The Long Story Short

Located on the southwest coast of Africa, Namibia is one of the driest and most sparsely populated countries on earth. The country gained its independence in 1990. Although Namibia managed to become an upper-middle-income nation the healthcare system of the country is struggling with significant obstacles including a shortage of doctors, insufficient funding and income disparity. Not to mention HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis crises the country is dealing with. Since Namibia accepted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, efforts to enhance quality, equity, and access to healthcare for everyone have increased. The country’s Constitution, notably Article 95, which requires the State to ensure that citizens have rights to fair and reasonable access to public health facilities and services in line with the law, serves as a framework for the provision of healthcare. This is supported, among other things, by the MoHSS Strategic Plan (2017 – 2022), Harambee Prosperity Plan (II) (2021 – 2025), and the 5th National Development Plan (NDP5) for 2017-2022. Among other important goals, these frameworks seek to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare and to lower the mortality rate for both women and children.
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly slowed down the implementation of SDG 3 which is evident in a considerable loss in Namibia’s immunization coverage, particularly for the Measles-Rubella vaccine, and a decrease in outreach activities, indicating a decline in healthcare access for underprivileged groups. Not just that, the country is facing the double whammy of communicable and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with high rates of HIV/AIDS, stunting, and maternal mortality that disproportionately is affecting the poor and an increasing prevalence of NCDs whose expensive treatment drives up health spending. Adam Global acknowledges that it is armed enough to contribute to the nation’s efforts to ensure Namibians get the healthcare they deserve.

Adam Global, a Premier Global Professional Services Providing Company

Adam Global has one of the world’s largest networks of professionals, assisting businesses and industry players in accomplishing their missions in a dynamic and competitive environment. We’re a network of firms in over 200 countries across 5 continents with more than 100,000 clients who are committed to delivering high-end professional services in a wide range of fields including law, accounting, finance, business consulting, immigration, education, wealth management, and healthcare. Speaking of the latter, the Healthcare Network of ADAM Global is one of its kind in the healthcare industry which brings together high-quality healthcare providers from around the world in a partnership to offer quality healthcare services and drive the healthcare-ecosystem with important stakeholders from across various industries. The big business networking mogul is laser-focused on building trust in society and solving crucial problems and understands the importance of delivering early and sustained value.

The Fine Print of the Namibia CSR Campaign: The Journey So Far

The Namibia initiative program discussion took place in Mauritius on the 5th of August 2022 where ADAM Global welcomed Saara Kuugongelwa the first woman Prime Minister of Namibia. During the International Business Forum (IBF), ADAM Global came forward to support and train Namibia doctors in various categories including orthopaedics, maternity health, accident safety and eye health.
The second meeting was held in London, which the specialist doctors attended to support the program which was hosted by ADAM Global and welcomed HER Excellency Linda Scott – Namibian High Commissioner to the UK & NI; Malta; Namibian Ambassador to Greece and Ireland and The Sovereign Military Order of Malta where discussion on the initiative program came into effect and the dates finalized to be Jan 2023 between the 23rd to the 27th, where the doctors’ would travel to Namibia offering their support and expertise to train, educate, support and bolster the healthcare sector.
During the week, Prof. Tahir Founder of ADAM Global along with a team of doctors was honoured by HIS Excellency President Hage Geingob at the “State House Republic of Namibia” on the discussion to further develop the healthcare system of Namibia.

Highlights of the Namibia CSR Campaign

Medical and road safety professionals under the Adam Global Healthcare Network visited Namibia on a Fact-finding and Scoping Mission with the aim to figure out where the critical needs of the sector lie. The engagements over the next five days included discussions with Namibia surgeons in various disciplines as well as experts in Primary Health Care and Regional Health directorates.

  • ADAM healthcare team’s arrival in Namibia on 23rd January 2023 was widely anticipated and covered extensively by the National Press
  • The country’s President along with his Ministers welcomed the ADAM healthcare professionals and hosted a lavish dinner socially for them
  • The team of medical doctors in various disciplines paid a courtesy call on President Hage Geingob at the State House
  • The team right away set out for their “Friends of Namibia” campaign and visited local hospitals and met clinical staff to determine key areas of development, improvement and further training on better handling of patients and using their equipment
  • The mission was a huge success and well-appreciated by Namibia

Next Up

It’s just the beginning of the journey. Way to go! With the successful completion of Scoping and Fact-finding Mission, now the complete plans will be devised based on the findings and new effective strategies will be designed to tackle the hurdles and struggles faced by the Namibian health sector.