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CFI.co Autumn edition, 2019

Education Resource & Templates for Members

This section allows members to download useful resource tools and templates that will help you track, record, generate and give referrals.

Members Bio Sheet

The Members Bio Sheet is ideally filled out by the speaker of a web meeting or conference. This Bio Sheet includes more than just someone who owns a company and lets participants and fellow members know you better. This definitely makes everyone comfortable and get to know you better. Afterall, our motto is that people do business with people they trust.

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1-2-1 Meeting Planner

The one-on-one Meeting Planner is really just a way to schedule one-on-one meetings, is a great tool to use to get to know members of your chapter – outside of your regular meetings! The better rapport you have with each member, the more referrals you will both be able to give to each other. By systematically developing your relationships with each other, your will also be systematically developing your referrals in future meetings! Use the planner above to schedule your one-on-one meetings.

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One-2-One Follow Up Cards

One-2-One Follow up Cards are used by members to be turned it to the Regional Presidents or Regional Network Mentor before each monthly web meeting. These will be followed up in order to progress the record of any referral or meeting made and to offer guidance and advice that will help you to nurture and foster the relationship with other members within the network. This card MUST be used by all members.

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